Monday, September 13, 2010

The Little Clerk

   When I came into work today, the first thing that I did was retrieve the book drop in the hall. Next thing I know there is the cutest little boy ever! pulling on my shirt and asking "How does the book drop work?" I finished checking the books in the drop and then proceeded to show and tell him how to close the big grey book drop. He was completely fascinated with it! 
    I then handed him the keys and we walked to the little blue book drop and I instructed him on how to open the box, pull out the cart, check the items and push it back in and lock it up. He gave me the cutest and biggest smile, handed me the keys, said thanks and then ran back to the check-out counter to tell his Mom what he did. It was pretty much awesome! Not only was he a very cute little boy but he was the politest little thing ever! Absolutely loved it! =)

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