Saturday, September 11, 2010

Work Adventure!

So...the other day at work, a co-worker and I were cleaning up and came across some question-ables in a Styrofoam bowl. It was some bizarre light green looking stuff with little dark spots.
    "What do you think it is? Looks weird!" said I.
    "I have no idea," stated my co-worker.
    "Hmm....I think that I am going to try some!"
I then reached into the bowl and picked up a small piece and tossed it into the gaping hole in my head, some people call it a mouth. Anywho, it tasted rather familiar and, seeing as how it was left over from the boys only program earlier that day, I thought it was either edible chalk or Styrofoam. Then we spotted one of our fellow co-workers dashing across the floor.
    "Hey! What is the stuff in this bowl?" we inquired.
    "Oh! It's freeze dried ice-cream! We were talking about how in space (since Star Wars was the theme of the boys program) you can't have liquids with you. So I gave the boys some freeze dried ice-cream while they watched that clip from Apollo 13 with the astronaut sending pee-pee out the window making a little pee-pee trail in space," she replied as she ran in and sauntered out.
    "Does it happen to be mint chocolate chip?!?"


Jennalyn said...

Interesting. Was is as good as regular mint choc. chip ice-cream?

Jules said...

Not even close! But it was fun none the less :)