Monday, October 4, 2010


   In the rain! It was a small intimate adventure. 
I was finished with my
classes, walking to my car and absolutely loving the wind running through my hair! It then commenced to lightly rain....which slowly turned into a storm that drenched any persons walking outside. 

   Not only was the experience fun, I walked slower and enjoyed the rain and the feeling! I was quickly soaked through to the skin as I walked to my car (during which I remembered that I should probably ensure that my phone was not ruined). It made my day! However, there are two things (okyday, maybe three) that could have made it perfection.
   One: A highly attractive man waiting for me at my car.
   Two: An awesome kiss from the above character.
(Three: Snuggling into a blanket with hot chocolate, not having to go to work and getting a torrential snow storm and enjoying every moment of it). And if you are wondering, no I have never watched or read The Notebook and I really have no desire or intention to since real life is so much better!

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