Thursday, October 21, 2010

Locked Out!

      So...I was hanging out with my buddy Adam.  We had planned to watch a movie and, as always, have some humorous and extremely sarcastic conversations between ourselves and my roommates.  The only thing that we neglected to plan was eating food--my bad!  Any-whose-its, we decided to go try the grille at the creamery since neither one of us had tried their grill (just the ice cream of course!).  I put shoes on, left my phone and keys, told my roommates not to lock the door and left.  We had an enjoyable time eating fries and grilled ham-and-cheese sandwiches from the grille (much better than I was expecting).  We headed back to my apartment and upon walking to the door I noticed all of the lights off and the doors closed. Uh-oh!  I completely forgot that my roommates were all going somewhere at 7:00pm.
      They had locked the door on me and all our evening plans were locked inside the apartment.  Well that was just dandy.  Adam said he could try getting in if I had a bobby pin and pen cap I didn't want.  I didn't but I then ran to Catie's apartment screaming "Catie!! Catie!!"  Luckily she had not gone to dinner with her roommates and provided us Adams required tools.  We ran back to my apartment and Adam first climbed onto the balcony to see if he could just push-in and slide the door over.  No can do--that sucker was staying put.  He said, during the process, "I wonder if this looks weird to anyone."
     "Probably, but I am standing right here, so it's ok!"  Yeah, genius response.  Adam then tried getting into the apartment through the front door via the bobby pin and pen cap.  No way was that happening!  Thankfully my front door stayed firmly in place without budging a millimeter.  Phew!  Good to know that I am safe.  I then decided that we should go bum at Beau's apartment.  Needless to stay the situation was amusing to anyone and everyone.  A girl is always bound to lock herself out of her own apartment eventually right?  Good thing I got it over with quickly.  Haha.  At Beau's we ended up watching a bunch of youtube (yeah!) videos while trying to figure out what to do next.  "You could get a key from the office!" ...."Yeah, it's after six.  They closed man!" ..."Oh yeah..."
     Brilliant!  We were indeed! I just waited until about eight'o'clock and ran back over.  Luckily I knew at least one of my roommates would be home by then.  I retrieved my phone, keys and our movie and we then ran to the rec room and watched Pirates of the Caribbean.  Woot!!  One adventurous night for us!  But hey, I have to make things interesting every once in a while, right? Right!  The best part was, Adam fell asleep randomly throughout the movie and we commandeered people into watching it with us when they came into the rec room! Yeah baby! ;)

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