Friday, February 4, 2011

Reading, Seeking, Writing

     So, this might be boring but I am excited!  I just recently finished this teen series "Once upon a Time is timeless." There are 18 volumes and I enjoyed every last one of them! They are re-tellings of stories like Anastasia, the Princess and the Pea, Twelve Dancing Princesses, Mulan, Cinderella, etc.  And they are awesome! I recommend that you check them out. Anywho, I got a call at work yesterday from a lady in Virginia.  She was asking who to contact to get archives for the paper.  She needed some family history information and I was only too glad to help! She sent me the name and dates she was concerned with and then I went and looked up the information for her. I copied it, scanned it into my computer and mailed off hard copies to her! I had quite a lot of fun doing it! It almost felt like me history degree was somewhat useful.
     After I finished that, I came home and my Mom asked me to help her put together a family group sheet to send to her cousin (My Grandpa's brother's oldest daughter). I had quite a lot of fun doing that as well! I opened my Roots Magic program and we did comparisons between that and Family Search and then entered in the necessary information and Vwuala! we made a family group sheet and sent it off!  I think what I had the most fun doing today though was starting my book! I have the prologue and part of chapter one. It is looking like a mystery/thriller novel and I am excited! If I ever get stuck, I may be asking for some ideas to continue on. By the way, do any of you want to do some reading?

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