Sunday, February 8, 2015

Book 1: Chapter 2

Chapter 2

            “Agent Stonestreet:  One of our men has discovered that the drug traffickers are stashing supplies at a public library in Arizona near the Mexico border.  He is currently undercover within the suspected city and the surrounding areas.  We are assigning you to a position within the library.  You are to discover where the drugs are being stored.  Please be aware that this mission is dangerous due to possible drug cartel involvement and the close proximity to the Mexican border.
            “After you discover where the drugs are stored, you are to contact your partner and together you will bring in the drug traffickers—alive if possible.  There is a retired agent within the area who has been informed of the situation.  They will be keeping an eye on you and assist you when and if necessary.  If you need to contact that agent for any reason, your contact, Detective Chet Orzolek with local law enforcement, will inform you how to do so.”
            “Wait!  How soon will I be leaving and how am I getting there?”
            “You are leaving as soon as you arrive home.  Transportation is already parked at your house.  Pack for an Arizona summer and a long drive. Good luck, Stonestreet.”
            The line went dead.  Fitch hung up and signaled to merge back into traffic.  Sometimes having high security clearance was annoying.  They could contact you anytime and anywhere.  However, it did have its perks.  Fitch was wondered what kind of vehicle they left at his house but he supposed he would find out soon enough.  He pulled into the garage, parked his car, hopped out and closed the garage door.  As he walked over to the side of his house, there was a black Chevrolet Silverado backed up to his fence.  It had four full doors and a six inch lift with mud tires.  It was beautiful!  Too bad he probably wouldn’t get to keep it.  He walked past it towards the gate but turned around when he noticed a bike in the bed of the truck.  He leaped into the bed to take a closer look.  The bike was a cherry red Harley Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight.  Fitch gave a satisfied grin; life in Arizona was going to be good!
            This is when having high security clearance and twenty-four seven contact pays off.  Fitch walked in through the back door and went to his bedroom.  He pulled out a duffle bag from under the bed and started packing his casual summer clothes and shoes.  Hopefully they were appropriate for a murderous Arizona summer.  What kind of clothes did librarians wear anyway?  He thought to pack some of his suits and nicer casuals just in case.  Fitch Stonestreet.  He mused.  What name would they come up with next?  Of all the undercover aliases he has had thus far, this one was by far the most bizarre and probably his most amusing.  Not that this mattered any, but he was curious.  He zipped up his duffle bag and walked with it to the kitchen.

            He grabbed a couple of water bottles from the fridge and tossed them onto his bag on the counter.  Looking in the pantry, he realized there wasn’t much in here either.  He snatched some chips and fruit snacks and tossed them into a grocery bag.  He picked up his keys off the counter, swung his duffle bag over his shoulder and walked out the back door.  Tossing his bags into the passenger side he walked around to the driver’s side of the vehicle and hopped in.  He put the keys in the ignition but paused a moment to open the center console between the front seats.  He pulled out the Fitch Stonestreet information and glanced at it before he started the vehicle.  He sighed as he put the information back in the console.  It was going to be a long drive to Arizona.

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