Sunday, February 8, 2015

Book 1: Chapter 4

Chapter 4

            Fitch pulled into the parking lot of the police station.  His drive to Arizona had certainly been a long one, but highly uneventful.  The most excitement he had was finding the truck and Harley, he temporarily owned thanks to the security bureau, at his home.  He couldn’t wait to pull that Harley off and start riding it around.  Fitch sighed as he parked the truck in a visitor slot.  He jumped out, locked the doors and pulled out his phone as he started walking towards the station entrance.  According to his notes, he was supposed to speak with a Detective Chet Orzolek.
            “Hello sir.  How may I help you?”
            “Yes, hello.  I am looking for a Detective Orzolek.  Does he happen to be in?”
            “Let me check.  One moment.”
            The dispatcher walked off into the police station while Fitch took a look at his surroundings.  The police station was very clean and organized.  It was also completely void of any personality.  He didn’t much like all of the glass and security doors that surrounded the foyer.  Interior design certainly wasn’t the strong point of the department, but it could use a bit of a warmer more welcoming feel.
            “I am Detective Orzolek,” thundered a deep voice, “And whom might you be, sir?”
            “Hello Detective.  Fitch Stonestreet,” he stuck out his hand.
            “Glad to finally meet you Stonestreet,” he took Fitch’s hand, “Follow me down to my office and I can fill you in.”
            The two men nodded their thanks to the dispatcher as they passed through the security door.  Fitch again took the chance to check his surroundings.  The rest of the police station was just as void of personality as the foyer was.  The only exceptions were the few family photos and calendars that decorated some of the cubicles.
            “I have never seen such a clean looking and cold feeling police station,” Fitch commented.
            Orzolek chuckled, “Me neither!  We just recently moved from our old one to this new one.  By the time you leave our humble town, it should be getting back to feeling disorganized and welcoming.”
            Orzolek finally reached his office door and unlocked it.  He opened it and gestured Fitch inside.  He went in and took a seat as Orzolek followed and closed the door behind him.
            “I don’t know how much your superiors filled you in on the situation, Agent Stonestreet, but I am going to fill you in on everything I know so far.”
            “They only told me the bare minimum about the situation and that you are my first contact,” Fitch replied, “since you’re supposed to fill me in on the rest.”
            “That’s something at least.  As you should be aware, we recently discovered that a drug trafficking operation is being conducted within the limits of our city.  Being only fifteen miles from the Mexican border, this isn’t very surprising.  However, it might surprise you to know that we have discovered that a city employee, in the public library, is suspected to be benefitting as head of this new operation.  The only problem is that we do not know which librarian is responsible.  We do know that they have a key to the library giving them access to the building at any time.”
            “Can’t you just check the security cameras?”
            “I wish we could.  Due to privacy issues and certain laws that surround the public library, we have never been able to put cameras anywhere within or on the library.  That would have been our first move, believe me.”
            “That seems a bit silly but I guess that makes some sense.”
            “Yes, well I hope we can change it after this charade is over.  Now, you may also know that there is one undercover agent already in the library.  He has been working for the past three months to give us most of the information we have.  Thus far, he has cleared all of the clerks and pages and other part-time employees from our list of suspects.  That means that our culprit is a full-time, salaried city employee.  He has also discovered that the drugs are being stashed in the unused basement portion of the library where city administration used to be.  We do not know exactly where.  The last thing you should know is that we do know most of the drugs smuggled in are marijuana and occasionally cocaine.  So, do you have any questions Stonestreet?”
            “A few.  First of all, do we know when they bring the drugs in or take money back and to whom?”
            “No, we don’t.  They are smart enough to keep changing the times and days and not stick to or create a routine.  We think the person who delivers changes as well.  There are at least two people involved, possibly three.  However, only one, for sure, is working in the library.”
            “Hmm.  That is good to know.  It will be one of the first things for me to work on.  Second, do we know who in Mexico they work with or what city they operate out of?”
            “Possibly.  We do have an idea on who but no certain which city where they make all of their exchanges.”
            Fitch grunted, “I guess that is all the information I am going to need for now.  But there is one more thing.  Do you know where I’ll be living while I am here?”
            “Ah yes!  Living arrangements.  That is what I finished putting together just before you arrived.  There is an elderly woman that is looking for a good, handy renter like you.  I called and gave her all your information that she needs.  She is quite excited to meet you and her rent request is well within your budget.”
            “Excellent.  I am glad to hear it!”

            “Now, follow me and we will begin getting you situated before you start working tomorrow.”

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