Sunday, February 8, 2015

Book 1: Chapter 5

Chapter 5

            Rhia parked her car and grabbed her bag.  She frantically hit the lock key as she ran toward the employee entrance of the library.  She didn’t like being late but she was hoping work would be busy enough to keep her mind off of everything that happened two nights ago.  She was still annoyed with herself for not seeing any signs that Dan was cheating on her.  In hindsight, she felt like she now saw them everywhere.  She had been so distracted thinking about it that she realized she was late for work when she glanced at the clock.  She sincerely hoped she had a few things to do before opening and hopefully Mina wasn’t early.  Again.
            She unlocked the door and went in.  She took a left and went into the check-in room.  She turned on the lights and computer and went back into the hallway.  She came out of the area marked “Library Staff Only” and headed towards the front doors.  She saw Mina walking up to the doors pulling out her phone.  Rhia ran the last few steps and popped the door open.
            “I was just getting ready to call you,” Mina exclaimed as she bent to pick up the newspapers.
            “Well, good thing I saw you then.  Saved you a phone call!”
            “Perhaps.  I came early.  I was going back to my car when I glanced up and saw yours suddenly parked out there.  So, I walked back up here.”
            Rhia sighed.  “I was hoping you hadn’t come early.  I’m sorry.  I was distracted with my thoughts before I realized what time it was.”
            “I suppose I can forgive you this time,” Mina replied, “Let’s go get everything ready for opening.”
            “Well, alright.  Why are you so excited about it today?”
            “Our new reference librarian starts working today.  I heard he’s quite the looker and I’m anxious to meet him.  So, I wanted to come early to make sure the library especially nice looking for him.”
            Rhia laughed.  “Mina, if you aren’t the most amusing girl I’ve met, I don’t know who is.”
            Mina gave her a saucy look and said, “Girl! You just learnin’ the definition of amusing.”
            She winked and sauntered toward the main doors of the library.  Rhia laughed and followed her into the library.

            Two hours later, Rhia glanced up from the clerk’s desk and noticed Cameron was approaching.
            “Hey Cameron, what do you need?”
            “Hello Rhia.  I was just coming up to assist you until our new reference librarian gets here.  Is that alright?”
            “Yeah, that’s perfect.”
            “Great. Thank you!”
            Rhia smiled and continued covering her small stack of paperbacks while Cameron helped the customers that came up to the desk.  They exchanged some quiet conversation while Cameron waited for more customers to come to the desk.
            “Excuse me,” said a masculine voice, “I am looking for Cameron Dogada.  Do know where I can find him?”
            Rhia looked up from the desk.  Her eyes landed on a six feet of well muscled man.  He had thick, jet black hair and piercing blue eyes that reminded her of the ocean.  He talked with politeness but his dress showed he sort of had a devil may care attitude.
            “I do indeed, sir.  I am Cameron Dogada.  I am assuming you are our new librarian Fitch Stonestreet.”
            “That’s correct.  Glad to finally meet you.”
            “Same here.  Why don’t you follow me back to my office in the children’s library and we can start your training.”
            Rhia watched them as they walked away.  Mina came from the back room with a stack of books ready for new stickers to be put on.  She noticed Rhia sitting with the scissors poised in the air looking towards the back of the library.
            “What are you daydreaming about?”
            “Huh? Oh,” Rhia shook her head, “nothing.  Cameron just took the new librarian back to his office to start training.”
            “What!?!  Rhia,” Mina was giggling, “you kind of looked star struck.”
            “Oh hush!”
            “Well, at least tell me what he looks like.”
            “Um…,” Rhia didn’t know how to put him into words exactly, “I didn’t get a very good look at him.”
            “Sure you didn’t.  For some reason, I don’t believe you.”
            “Sorry,” was all Rhia could think to respond.

            Fitch followed Cameron to his office.  “So, what more do I need to know about this position?”
            “I think Chet already gave you all of the details you need to know, did he not?”
            “Oh no, Chet gave me details about that.  I was talking about my reference librarian position.”
            “Yes.  Well, that is not too difficult.  The director will ask you to do specialized projects occasionally, but other than that, it is simple.  You are going to have charge over all of the pages.  Pages are the people that shelve the books after they come in and keep the shelves looking nice.  All you need to do is make sure every section gets books put back into every day by a page and that they keep the stacks looking neat.  As for the public, you basically answer questions and help them in depth on the computer.  You will get the hang of it as you get into it.”
            “Thank you.  That sounds like it should be simple enough.  So, do you know when I should be getting a key into the library?”  Fitch queried.
            “I tried to have a copy ready for you today, but the director said that she will not authorize a key to be given to you until she has meted you personally.  Since we now have the basics down about your job, let me take you around the library and I will introduce you to all of the employees that are working.”
            “Sounds like a good plan, who are we going to meet first?”
            “The other full-time employees, then we will move to the others,” replied Cameron.

            Fitch thought he had a good feel for the layout of the library.  Cameron was helpful in discreetly pointing out possible hiding places for stashes of drugs.  The only downside was that the walk-through did not include the entire building.  He wasn’t going to get his key for a few days but he was hoping he could get Rhia to temporarily lend him her key.  He sat down at the reference desk and started thinking of a way to work that out as he waited for a customer to assist.

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