Sunday, February 8, 2015

Book 1: Chapter 6

Chapter 6

            Rhia gathered up the materials she was using and took them back to the processing room to put away.
            “Mina, can you watch the front desk?  I am going to start closing things down.”
            “Sure thing.  I’ll be right up, Rhia.”
            Rhia stood in the doorway and kept an eye on the front desk until Mina walked passed her.  Rhia followed Mina behind the front and picked up the books she worked on.  She walked down to the check-in room and sorted the books accordingly and walked back up to the front.
            Mina and Cameron were checking-out customers as Rhia walked past.  She began walking down the aisles picking up misplaced books and telling customers the library was closing.  She dropped her load of books from the floor and tables down the hall and walked back up front.  Fitch fell into step beside her as she reached the foyer.  Rhia gave him a questioning glance as they walked back into the library.
            “Hello.  I’m Fitch.  You’re Rhia, correct?”
            “Yes,” Rhia hesitantly responded, “I am.  Nice to meet you, Fitch.  I’m kind of busy closing the library, I don’t have time to chat right now.”
            “Yes, I know.  Mind if I follow you to see how you do that?”
            Rhia thought that was a strange question but she replied, “I guess not.”
            Fitch quietly followed Rhia around the library as she straightened things, turned off computers, catalogues, and lights.  She could have sworn he stood slightly closer than necessary when she was closing the windows.  Then again, she was tired and could have imagined it.  She walked through the darkened library, Fitch following of course, to double check that everyone had left.  Rhia was satisfied and walked back up to the front desk to help Mina shut down the staff computers.  They grabbed their things and walked towards the door.  Cameron held to door open for them.
            “Thank you.” Rhia said.  She turned around and locked the closed door.
            “You’re welcome.  Would you and Mina like me to walk you ladies to your cars?” inquired Cameron.
            “Yes, please!” Mina quickly replied.
            “I’ll be alright.  I’m parked out front anyways.” Rhia responded.
            “Me too,” Fitch jumped in, “I’ll walk Rhia to her car.”
            “Good.  We’ll see you all tomorrow then,” acknowledged Cameron.
            “Goodnight,” Rhia called as she and Fitch walked out the front doors and Cameron and Mina walked out the back.
            “So, do you come to work tomorrow?” asked Fitch.
            “No, I don’t.  Why?” inquired Rhia.
            “Well, I do and was wondering if I could borrow your key?  I promise to give it back to you as soon as I’m done working”
            Rhia thought a moment.  She hardly knew Fitch and she wasn’t going to be working tomorrow.  She knew she wasn’t supposed to loan out her key but she didn’t see the harm.
            “Sure.  You can borrow it.  Just don’t let Adeline know,” Rhia instructed as she handed Fitch her key.
            “Thank you very much.”
            “You’re welcome, Fitch.  Goodnight.”
            “Goodnight,” Fitch replied as soon as Rhia was safely in her car.  He watched her drive off until he couldn’t see her tail lights anymore.  For some reason, he had an uneasy feeling and he didn’t like it.

            Once Rhia assured herself she had everything, she locked her car and walked toward the stairs to her apartment.  As she approached the stairs, she thought she sensed someone watching her.  She turned around to check but didn’t see anyone.  Shrugging, she continued toward the stairs.  The light was out again and she sighed as she started to climb the stairs to her apartment door.  She again sensed that someone was behind her.  Rhia dropped her hand to her side and slowly turned around.  Dan came out of the shadows and stepped in front of her.
            “What are you doing here?” Rhia asked in a strangled whisper.
            “I need to talk to you,” Dan answered.
            “About what?!  You stalking me?!  We have nothing to talk about.  We’re through.  I think you know that.”  Rhia heatedly responded.
            “I have something to say to you,” he replied as he closed the gap between them.  Rhia put a hand out to stop him from coming closer but Dan grabbed her wrist and continued, “I need to talk to you about what you saw the other night.”
            “There’s no need to explain it.  I’m not blind, Dan.  I know perfectly well what I saw.  If you didn’t want to date me anymore, all you had to do was say so.  There was no need for you to go around dating Aly behind my back!” said Rhia coldly.
            “Aly and I are not dating!  We’re only friends,” he said hotly.
            “For some reason, I don’t believe you, Dan.” Rhia replied sarcastically.  “Now, please let go of my wrist before I scream bloody murder.”
            “Don’t believe me?” Dan asked incredulously, “Then maybe you’ll believe this.”
            Before Rhia could react, Dan pushed her against her apartment door and placed his lips firmly on hers.  His kiss began gently then became rough and hard.  Rhia tried pushing him away, but Dan pinned her hands against the door.  He began kissing her urgently when Rhia got an idea.  She gave in a little and Dan relaxed his hold on her.  Rhia took her chance and quickly kneed him in the gut.  He broke away and gasped in pain as he backed up a few steps.
            “What did you do that for?” Dan grunted.
            “Dan, we are not dating anymore.  It’s over.  You obviously have some commitment issues to work out.  I don’t think you even know what you want.  It’s a wonder our relationship lasted as long as it did.  Now please go away and do not ever do anything like that to me again!  Next time you want to contact me, send a letter,” Rhia scolded.
            “Fine Rhia.  Have it your way but next time we meet, don’t count on me being friendly,” Dan softly threatened.

            “Goodbye Dan,” Rhia firmly responded.  She walked into her apartment and locked the door behind her.

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