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Book 1: Chapter 7

Chapter 7

            Rhia hugged herself as she sank to the floor and began crying softly.  Did that really just happen?  He had cheated on her but now he thought he could get her back by begging?  It depressed and infuriated her.  She sniffed and wiped away her eyes as she got up from the floor.  She walked over to the fridge to look for some strawberries.  Cora walked in a few minutes later.
            “Oh good, Rhia, you’re home!” Cora said excitedly.
            Rhia looked up and forced a smile, “Yeah.”
            “I have some good news,” Cora looked at Rhia and paused, “Are you alright?”
            Rhia looked at the concern on Cora’s face.  She couldn’t hold in her emotion any longer.  She told Cora everything that happened outside with Dan.  She began sobbing as she talked to Cora.
            “You’re kidding me!  Who does that slim ball think he is?” Cora replied in disbelief when Rhia finished, “Well, maybe my news will cheer you up.”
            “That’s right!” Rhia sniffled and whipped her tears, “Now how do you plan to cheer me up?”
            Cora smiled, “I finished your house today.  As soon as we pack, we can move in.”
            “Really?  You finished so quickly!”
            “Really.  It’s done.  Would you like to go look at it?” Cora questioned.
            “Yes I do!  That’s just the thing I need.  Thank you so much, Cora.”
            A knock sounded at the front door.
            “You’re welcome.  You go fix yourself up and I’ll answer the door,” Cora suggested.
            Rhia walked into the bathroom as Cora walked to the front door.  She cracked it open to make sure it wasn’t Dan.  She didn’t recognize who it was.  Cora opened the door further, “Hello.  May I help you?”
            “Maybe.  Does Rhia Ferdsworth live here?” asked the woman.
            “She does.  Come in and have a seat.  I’ll go get her for you.”
            “Thank you,” the woman said as she stepped inside and took a seat on the couch.
            Cora walked down the hallway and knocked on the bathroom door.  “Rhia, someone is here to see you.”
            “Alright, I’ll be right out,” Rhia responded.
            When Rhia came into the living room, she saw Mina sitting on the couch ringing her hands.  Mina looked at Rhia and gave her a shy smile.
            “Hey,” she whispered.
            “Hey Mina!  I didn’t know you knew where I lived.  What’s up?”  Rhia asked.
            Mina gave her another shy smile, “I didn’t until I looked it up in the computer system.”
            Rhia was confused.  Why did Mina have to look it up?  Something must be up.  She rarely saw her co-workers outside of work.
            “That’s fine.  You look somewhat scared, Mina.  What happened?”
            “Well, after we locked up the library, Cameron made sure I got to my car safely.  I was about half-way home when I realized I left my phone in the processing room.  So, I turned around to go back and get it.  I parked my car close to the front doors and ran inside to grab my phone.  I noticed some lights were on downstairs.  I was about to go down and turn them off but then I heard some men downstairs arguing.
            “I backed away from the stairs as quietly as I could.  I walked slowly towards the library doors and heard them arguing about some sort of drugs.  I am pretty sure they were illegal.  I snuck back to the processing room to grab my phone and while I was in there I looked up your address.  As soon as I had it, I ran out the building and came straight here,” Mina finished.
            Rhia sat slightly stunned on the couch starring at Mina for a minute.
            “Are you sure?” Rhia finally choked.
            “Yes, positive.  I’m pretty sure they mentioned marijuana.  Rhia, I don’t know what to do!” exclaimed Mina.
            “We’ll think of something.”
            “You don’t think one of co-workers is involved do you?” Mina suddenly asked.
            “You know, that thought hadn’t crossed my mind yet but maybe.  If those men you heard don’t work with us, then someone who has a key to the library is helping them,” Rhia concluded and then asked, “Do you have any roommates?”
            “Yes, two,” Mina responded.
            “Good.  Make sure one or both of them knows where you are or where you’re going.  You could be in danger if those men heard you upstairs and especially if they find out who you are,” said Rhia.
            “Oh.  I didn’t think of that,” Mina worriedly replied.
            “I will try to keep tabs on you as well.  Cora and I were about to look at my newly finished house.  Would you like to come with us?” Rhia asked.
            “I suppose so.  I could use a distraction right now.”

            “What do you mean the deadline moved up?” shouted the first man.
            “I am just telling you what we have been instructed to do!  We have to move the stash by the deadline if we want to get paid!” responded the second man.
            “Does the boss know about this?” asked the first.
            “Yes, she does,” answered the second.
            The first man suddenly held up his hand for silence and he looked at the ceiling.  He thought he heard someone upstairs.  He glanced at the second man and silently signaled him to listen.  Once they heard the front door click shut, they both knew that someone had been upstairs and probably heard them arguing.  The problem was, neither one of them know how long that person was there or how much they heard.
            “We are going to have to find out who that was,” the second man said solemnly.
            “Yes, we are.  However, the first thing to do is inform the boss we may have been over heard,” said the first man
            “What are we going to do when we find out who it is?” questioned the second man.
            “Obviously find them and then deal with them however the boss wants us to,” answered the first man.
            They slowly walked back to the other end of the building in the basement discussing what they had to finish for payment.  They were also very careful to keep their voices down low just in case whoever heard them came back into the building.

            Ten minutes later, the three women pulled into the driveway of a small red-brick home.  Rhia was really excited to see what Cora had done to the inside of her home.
            “Here are the keys,” said Cora, “you can go in first.”
            Rhia grabbed the keys and walked a little faster towards the front door.  When Cora and Mina joined her, Rhia stuck the key into the lock and unlocked the front door.  She twisted the knob and slowly pushed the door open.  She stepped inside and flipped the light switch on.  Rhia let out a soft gasp.
            “Cora, it’s beautiful!”
            “I thought you’d like it.  Take a look around.”
            Rhia took her shoes off and left them on the tiled entryway.  She looked left and opened the coat closet.  It contained some empty hangers and a vacuum.  She shut the door and walked into the living room.  The fireplace went up two stories and was a rich golden color.  Off to the side of the living room was a little reading nook.
            It looked like it was pulled from a nineteenth century mansion.  Right of the nook was the kitchen and family room along with the laundry room, a half bath, and the door to the two-car garage.  All of the rooms were decorated with warm colors and comfortable furniture.
            Rhia walked to the stairs and went up.  She reached the landing and was greeted by a huge mirror at the top.  She absolutely loved it!  Off to her left was the master suite and to the right were two bedrooms, a full bath, and linen closet.
            “I don’t know how you did it so quickly, Cora, but I can’t wait to move in!:
            “Good!  Here’s my price, let me room with you please,” Cora pleaded.
            “Of course you can,” Rhia granted.
            “This is a beautiful home, Rhia,” commented Mina.
            “Thank you.  You can come visit any time day or night, Mina.”

            “Really?  Thanks!” Mina said appreciatively.

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